Ideas United is an award-winning creative studio with a unique and proven model for producing unforgettable content and events for great brands. We combine the unmatched ingenuity of our global creative network with the expertise of our core team to passionately share our partners’ stories with the world.

What We Do

Content Creation


Campus MovieFest
College Marketing
Branding & Design


Contests & Competitions
Event Management
Targeted Crowdsourcing

Our Work

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David Roemer

CEO & Co-Founder

Dan Costa

President & Co-Founder

Vijay Makar

VP & Co-Founder

Ajay Pillarisetti


Core Team

Abe Mohammadione

VP, Creative & Production

Michael Seminer

VP, Partnerships

Brandon Chong

VP, Education

Jessica Reynoso

Dir, Events

Vance Overbey

Chief Strategy Officer

Julie Braunstein

Dir, Creative

Matt Garcia

Dir, We Make

Vikas Shah

Dir, Creative & Production

Evan Kananack

Dir, Creative & Production

Evan Padgett

Dir, Projects and Post

Krista Carothers

Copy Writer

Alexey Smolianinov

Dir, Technology

Sami El-Kebbi

Web Producer

Kacie Rushton

Graphic Designer

Richard Eydt

Dir, Business Development

Neal Girandola

Executive Producer

Campbell Hastings

Business Strategy Associate

Patty Miranda

Account Manager

Alexandra Singerman

Account Manager

Alexandra Walker

Project Manager

Drew Perlmutter

Project Manager

Mike Karsch

Project Manager

Claire Clayton

Project Manager

Raquel Barnett

Project Manager

Claire Pope

Project Manager

Jessica Mlynar

Office Manager

Raven Bradley


Matthew Scruggs


Jason Makar

Production Assistant

Cory Di Mino

Sr. Editor

Alex Baker


Dylan Wintersteen


Andy Leverett


Will Stewart


Ashton May

Operations Manager, We Make

Nick Yenerall

Web Developer

CMF Team

JR Hardman

Senior Tour Manager

Tanner Pemelton

Dir, Operations

Julia Howard

Marketing Coordinator

Zac Lovelace

Tour Manager

Elijah Willis

Video Manager

Josh Burkholder

Promotions Manager

Christian Kramar

Tour Manager

Mac Capen

Video Manager

Raghav Ravichandran

Promotions Manager

Alissa Lederer


Rebecca Locklin


Quincy Bazen

Tour Manager

Trent Bellet

Video Manager

Paris Vincent

Promotions Manager

Raquel Massoud


Sophia Rajani


Marketing & Industry

Janet Weiss

Marketing Advisor

Richard Arlook

Marketing Advisor

Stacy Spahle

Marketing Advisor

Tom Karsch

Marketing Advisor

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