ADOBE commercial +
corporate + shorts

With the launch of their new Creative Cloud services, Adobe was looking for a multifaceted solution to tell the young creators of the world why their products will take their art and businesses to the next level. Adobe came on board as a CMF partner providing over 100,000 students with the opportunity to work with Adobe tools for a week on loaner laptops along with incredible prizes. And when Adobe needed innovative and engaging new content, they turned to the very filmmakers they were empowering. IU-created content for Adobe has been featured in movie theaters across Germany, in Times Square in New York, and everywhere online. Adobe and CMF are now entering the fifth year of their successful and growing partnership.

Results - Process

  • 1. Turnkey - massive on-campus promotions and hands-on training plus engaging video content all delivered seamlessly
  • 2. Training - students learned how to utilize Adobe tools from CMF staff and Campus Reps who represented the Adobe brand
  • 3. Timing - 10 month integrated, on-going campus tour
  • 4. Content - hundreds of top films created with Adobe tools, plus 4 separate multi-video campaigns for TV, web, and beyond
  • 5. Exposure - millions of views of IU created content and short films created with Adobe tools, plus extensive PR and social media outreach

Results - Summary

  • 1. Created a new generation of young Adobe evangelists and customers through hands-on experiences
  • 2. Major role in exceeding sales goals for student memberships
  • 3. Exceeded all goals for PR and social media impressions on-campus, regionally, and internationally