Lenovo Social + production

Lenovo and Ideas United teamed up to create the "Seize the Night" spot campaign to set the latest Lenovo Ultrabook apart from the competition. To start, fifteen filmmakers were chosen to create alternate endings to an original Lenovo spot, highlighting the fascinating ways that new technologies encourage collaboration across the world. Creators then lead a six week marketing blitz to promote their entries with the goal of receiving the most views. In the end, filmmakers gained followers and funds, as did Lenovo and the Ultrabook.

Results - Process

  • 1. Turnkey - full recruitment and project management
  • 2. Training - on client brand rules and integration
  • 3. Timing - 1 month total production
  • 4. Content - 15 amazingly high quality, engaging shorts
  • 5. Exposure - 6 week multi-faceted social campaign

Results - Marketing & Social

  • Custom Facebook share & voting app
  • 17.5m Twitter Impressions
  • 750k+ Youtube Views
  • Integrated Sweeps