The Weather Channel

Positioning a new tagline within a company's brand is no easy task. When The Weather Channel came to Ideas United with the challenge of conceiving and executing a full marketing campaign centered around their tagline, "It's Amazing Out There," Ideas United reached out to our network of filmmakers and came back to The Weather Channel with seven concepts -- each positioning the tagline in a different way. From these, The Weather Channel found the "Define Amazing" spinner to not only enrich their tagline, but also integrate perfectly with their branding.

Over the next several months, Ideas United and our filmmaking network partnered with The Weather Channel to ideate, write, produce, and edit everything about the campaign, from television spots that aired nationally, to .gifs and social media posts on Twitter and Facebook. Our work flourished as we "Defined Amazing" during Mother's Day, for Jim Cantore's hurricane coverage, and even for The Weather Channel's presence at the Cannes Golden Lions awards -- among other instances -- each time, bringing the "It's Amazing Out There" campaign to life in a consistent, yet new, way.

Results - Summary

  • 1. Cross-platform marketing campaign, taken from just a four-word tagline
  • 2. Commercials airing nationally on numerous TV networks
  • 3. Engaging social media content